Paint Correction – $85/hr + 1-hour test-panel estimate

  • Paint Correction is the systematic processes of removing imperfections in a vehicles finish and restoring it to, often times, better than new state. These imperfections include scratches, swirl marks, buffer trails, micro-marring, orange peel, cob-webbing and 3D-holograms. Most common practicing detailers will often fill-in and hide these imperfections with certain polishes and waxes. After a few washes these filler products are removed leaving your paint in the previous condition before the detail.
  • Private Collection Auto Care uses a custom system of sanding papers, compounds and polishes to permanently remove surface defects and restore your paint to a perfect mirror-finish. Each vehicle receives a unique system of correction depending on the severity of imperfections, type and hardness of the paint, safe paint-thickness levels and level of correction desired by the client.