Frequently Asked Questions

What is auto detailing?

-Auto detailing is the performance of an extremely thorough cleaning, polishing and waxing of an automobile, both inside and outside. Not only does detailing improve the appearance of the vehicle, it helps preserve the resale value.

What sets the few quality detailers apart from the majority of bad detailers in the industry?

-First, the knowledge and experience of the detailer is most important. Who do you trust with your investment? The guy at the car wash minimally trained earning minimum wage or a professional with formal training and certification, many years of experience and a passion for the restoration and preservation of automobiles. With over 12 years of detailing experience, formal training and a love for automobiles, Private Collection Auto Care are the right professionals for your detailing and paint correction needs.

-Secondly, there is a large difference between the quality of detailing chemicals and products in the industry.  At one end of the spectrum are the cheap products designed for high-volume, discount detail shops and car washes. Not only do these products offer minimal protection to your vehicle, they are designed to clean as quickly as possible using caustic and corrosive chemicals harmful to the different materials including paints, fabric, leather and plastics. At the other end of the spectrum are enthusiast and concours level products. These products are imported from around the world and are tested to guarantee the absolute safest cleaning and best protection available for your your vehicle. Some of these products are exclusive only to authorized detailers to correctly apply and warranty them. Private Collection Auto Care is contuniously testing and implimenting the best and newest products into our arsenal.

-Lastly, client trust is a large part of the detailing industry let alone any automotive industry. Because Private Collection Auto Care seeks to maintain lasting business relationships with our clients, building trust is very important to us. The recommendations we make are always honest and in the benefit of our clients, NOT to make a quick “up-sale” or unnecessary service.


What is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction is the systematic processes of removing imperfections in a vehicles finish and restoring it to, often times, better than new state. These imperfections include scratches, swirl marks, buffer trails, micro-marring, orange peel, cob-webbing and 3D-holograms. Most common practicing detailers will often fill-in and hide these imperfections with certain polishes and waxes. After a few washes these filler products are removed leaving your paint in the previous condition before the detail.

Private Collection Auto Care uses a custom system of sanding papers, compounds and polishes to permanently remove surface defects and restore your paint to a perfect mirror-finish. Each vehicle receives a unique system of correction depending on the severity of imperfections, type and hardness of the paint, safe paint-thickness levels and level of correction desired by the client.

Do new cars require detailing?

In most cases, Yes. Most new vehicles we come across already have many imperfections in the paint finish resulting from transportation to the dealership from the factory, test drives, storage without protection from the elements, incorrect maintenance while at the dealership and the dreaded, pre-delivery detail after the vehicle is sold to the customer. All of these factors contribute to a less-than-perfect condition when you receive your “brand new” vehicle. Private Collection Auto Care will diagnose all of these imperfections, permanently remove them, and give your vehicle the best protection available so you can start the ownership of your cherished possession the right way.

Why does my vehicle have swirl-marks(spider webbing)?

-Swirl marks are thousands of hairline scratches created by improper washing and drying. Drive-through car washes are the biggest culprit of this problem by battering your vehicle with rough baffles contaminated with dirt and grit covering your paint in scratches. Many hand-washes and amateur detailers also inflict damage to your paint by using dirty wash mitts in a circular motion. Private Collection Auto Care utilizes a wash system that includes clean, ultra-soft wash mitts and the softest boars hair brushes in combination with the two-bucket method and dual Grit Guards. Lastly, we use a heated-air blower to dry your vehicle and minimize any damage done to the finish.

Why are your details so time consuming?

-We’ve been asked many times, “Why do your details take so long compared to the 2 hour detail I’ve gotten at the car wash?”. Well there are a few reasons for this. First and formost, because of our attention to detail and pride in our work, we take our time to detail the correct way, insuring never to damage your vehicle and ensure you recieve the highest quality service. The products we use are designed specifically for cleaning delicate materials are non-corrosive and non-caustic resulting in extended cleaning times compared some of “overpowered” cleaning chemicals commonly used in the car wash industry.

-We often hear the request of prospective clients wanting a “quick buff” on their paint. What they usually dont know is that a “quick buff” is a service that is very damaging to your vehicle. An unskilled detailer with a rotary polisher, an incorrect pad and a cheap glaze polish is a recipe for disaster. Your vehicle will be left with burned paint, stained trim, buffer holigrams and polish splatter in all of the cracks and crevices. The final product may appear acceptable at the time of completion but the nature of glaze polishes is that they hide scratches and damage until the “fillers” wash out. The result is you’re left with a vehicle that looks worse than before the “quick buff” and a much more expensive repair bill from a professional detailer or an auto paint shop. Proper paint polishing and correction requires a trained professional with the speciality tools and materials. This service can take 7-10 hours for a single-stage paint enhancement up to 60+ hours for a custom paint correction. 

What product brands do you use?
  • 303
  • 3M
  • Buff and Shine
  • Carpro
  • Craftsman
  • Dr. Colorchip
  • Einszett
  • Fenix
  • Griot’s Garage
  • Gtechniq
  • Lake Country
  • Leatherique
  • Meguiar’s
  • Menzerna
  • Metro Vacuums
  • MTM Hydro
  • Mytee Carpet Extractors
  • Nanoskin
  • Optimum Polymer Technologies
  • Porter-Cable
  • Rupes
  • SAS Safety
  • Shine Pro
  • SM Arnold
  • Solution Finish
  • Sonax
  • Stoner
  • Surbuf
  • Swissvax
  • Tornador
  • Vapor Systems
  • Wheel Whoolies
  • Zephyr