Paint Correction is the systematic processes of removing imperfections in a vehicles finish and restoring it to, often times, better than factory new condition. By removing the imperfections and haze, the increased clarity of the paint creates an incredible, wet-gloss look.


These imperfections include scratches, swirl marks, buffer trails, micro-marring, orange peel, cob-webbing and 3D-holograms. Most common practicing detailers will often fill-in and hide these imperfections with glazes and waxes. After a few washes these filler products are removed leaving your paint in the previous condition or worse before the detail.


At PCAC, we use custom system of speciality polishes, compounds and polishes to permanently remove surface defects and restore your paint to a deep, rich gloss.


Each of our techs have completed a thorough training, continuous education and testing of the PCAC detailing, paint correction and coating process.


We take our customer service as serious as our services, prioritizing our  professionalism, trustworthiness, and client appreciation.


Advanced skill, proprietary processes and use of the latest technology in tools, lighting and products allow us to deliver the highest quality results to our clients vehicles.



Well taken care of paint will bring in more money than a scratched and dull finish. A vehicle with a well maintained paint is much easier to sell and is worth more than a subpar finish.


After a paint correction service, your car will look like it just rolled off the showroom. Regardless if its 5 days or 5 years old. It will look incredible in your garage and on the road.



After all waxes, fillers and contaminants are removed from the surface, the paint is then inspected, the thickness measured and test panels are performed to determine the safest and most effective method of correction that will be used.


After the paint has been inspected and tested, we meticulously mask all sensitive areas that can be easily damaged and stained by the correction process


We utilize advanced compounds, polishing machines and pads to level the clear coat removing all scratches, swirls and imperfections.


We then polish the finish to remove compounding haze and bring the paint to highest gloss possible. Next step is protecting the paint with either clearbra and/or Ceramic Pro.


My car is brand-new does it need correction?

Possibly depending on how the car was handled in transport from factory to dealership quality of the dealership washes and pre-delivery detail if your vehicle has paint imperfections, it will likely require a paint correction to look best.

What is the paint correction process?

After we detail the vehicle we mask all sensitive trim in areas that can be damaged with the polishes we measure the paint sickness to determine if the pain is too thin for correction or signs of a repaint. We then use different stages of compounds and polishes depending on the package. Our polishers range from 1-7 inches in diameter to safely and effectively correct each panel with varying size and complexity. Between each pass the paint stripped of polishing oils to reveal the truth correction is being achieved. After the pain is corrected and jeweled to a deep haze-free luster, we then prepare for coating.

Does correction remove paint?

Yes. Paint correction removes a small amount of clearcoat to properly remove defects. We use ultrasonic paint depth gauges to minimize risk of removing too much clear coat.

Does paint correction remove orange peel (paint texture)?

Orange peel is minimized through the correction process but is not removed. Texture (orange peel) removal is not recommended for factory paint jobs and requires multiple stages of sanding resulting in loss of factory UV protection and paint thickness.

How many times can I correct my car?

Each pain sickness varies from manufacturer to manufacturer so there is no standard maximum times a paint can be corrected. It is recommended to ceramic coat and properly wash the vehicle to minimize the amount of paint corrections the vehicle will receive over its lifetime.

How often should I correct my vehicle?

A carefully maintained vehicle should only receive 1 to 2 paint corrections throughout its lifetime. Fine imperfections (love marks aka towel-marring) can be removed through paint enhancement services.

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